Private sector

CEBI’s top-class researchers work with companies to find solutions to today’s pressing social problems, supporting corporate social responsibility commitments while contributing to a better world.

We apply the highest standards of research and ethical engagement with communities, while enabling our private-sector partners to support projects that improve people’s lives. Private-sector companies can provide funding or vital commodities to our existing research projects, or they may come to us to explore possibilities for tackling a specific social or health problem. 

World-leading companies help to improve children’s lives in Ghana and the UK

In Ghana, CEBI researchers and partners investigated whether providing sanitary pads to girls could improve their educational outcomes. Procter & Gamble (P&G) supplied the sanitary care products and followed up with a striking and popular advertising campaign.

Funding and commodities for the DOLAB study, which tested whether Omega-3 supplements could improve children’s reading and behaviour, were provided by DSM Nutritional Products, who make the Omega-3 supplement used in the trial. Read more about DOLAB.