Local authorities

Local authorities, health trusts and social care agencies call on CEBI to help assess their existing services and to investigate the effectiveness of promising approaches.

Our expertise in evaluating interventions to the most rigorous standards means that our partners trust the findings of our research and use them to improve and innovate in their services and care.

In addition to trialling new interventions, CEBI can help local authorities to identify the most effective use of limited resources by systematically reviewing the best evidence available – nationally and globally – on social and psychosocial programmes. We also offer informational presentations or one-off workshops and skills-building to government ministries and civil servants, to improve knowledge about tackling social problems.

Case study:
Local authority and CEBI explore ways to improve child outcomes through nutrition

CEBI researchers Dr Alex Richardson and Professor Paul Montgomery partnered with the Oxfordshire Local Authority to undertake the DHA Oxford Learning and Behaviour (DOLAB) study.

This large double-blind, randomised, placebo-controlled trial investigated the effects of Omega-3 fatty acid supplementation on reading and behaviour in school children. It involved 362 children from 74 Oxfordshire primary schools. 

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