Government bodies

We have worked with government bodies from around the world to investigate ways to improve educational outcomes, child behaviour, parenting practices, policing, the effectiveness of drug abuse prevention, and many other vital social objectives.

Through a combination of research grants, our partnerships with government bodies help to tackle some of the biggest challenges faced by modern societies, in both developed and developing countries.

CEBI can also provide informational lectures or one-off workshops and skills-building to government ministries and civil servants, to improve knowledge about tackling social problems.

CEBI works with the South African government to investigate needs of orphaned children

CEBI researchers are working with the South African Departments of Social Development, Health, Basic Education and Agriculture on the Young Carers project, which is assessing the problems experienced by orphaned children and identifying what factors can help them.

Governments and NGOs are using the findings of this study to develop evidence-informed policy and interventions.

CEBI Professor of Psycho-Social Intervention, Paul Montgomery, appointed to the Cross-Whitehall Trial Advice Panel

Professor Paul Montgomery has been appointed  to the Cross-Government Trial Advice Panel, a group of top academics and government representatives, who will support the design and implementation of effective trials to improve the effectiveness of government policies. This is the first time the Government has brought these experts together with civil servants for such a purpose.

The panel will aim to increase the number of high quality trials taking place across Government as part of both new, and existing, policies, programmes and interventions.