Charities, NGOs and development agencies

CEBI’s aims to improve people’s lives are shared with many charities, non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and international development agencies, so we have worked closely with these groups as partners and collaborators. This includes receiving essential funding as well as implementing and disseminating research for the benefit of individuals and communities.

Charitable foundations partner with CEBI to investigate promising interventions

The Young Carers project, the DOLAB study, and CEBI’s research on children and families have all been supported by charitable foundations that share our commitment to finding solutions to social and psychosocial problems.

The Claude Leon Foundation is a South African charitable trust which has provided support to the Young Carers project, while The Waterloo Foundation has supported the DOLAB study. The Nuffield Foundation has been a strong supporter of CEBI research, particularly for the Young Carers project in South Africa and our research into parenting and child well-being.