Preventive Home Visits for Mortality, Morbidity, and Institutionalization in Older Adults

Do preventive home visits work?

The Guardian, 7 April 2014

Mounting pressure on social care to build evidence base

The Guardian, 13 March 2014

Omega-3 fatty acids and child sleep (The DOLAB study)

(on Montgomery et. al 2014)    

Better sleep linked with higher omega-3 levels in new study

Medical News Today (USA), 17 March 2014

Les oméga 3 améliorent le sommeil des enfants  

Le Figaro (Fr), 14 March 2014

Omega-3 consumption linked to better sleep 

TheStarOnline (MYS), 10 March 2014

Omega-3 fatty acids may help children get better sleep

Headlines and Global News (USA), 10 March 2014

Omega-3 fatty acids may improve children's sleep patterns

CTV News (Ca), 8 March 2014

Omega-3 rich diet helps you sleep better

The Times of India (IND), 7 March 2014

How oily fish could help children sleep better: Daily dose of omega-3 stops youngsters waking during the night

Daily Mail (UK), 5 March 2014

Improving poor girls' education in Africa by providing sanitary pads

Study Links Puberty Education and Attendance in Ghana,

Voice of America (USA), 1 Nov 2012

Omega-3 Fatty Acids for improving child outcomes

Struggling pupils short on omega-3

The Telegraph (UK), 27 Jun 2013

Omega-3 may help struggling children to read, says study

The Guardian (UK), 6 Sept 2012

Taking Omega-3 every day could help children who have poor reading skills

Daily Mail (UK), 7 Sept 2012

Fish oils do make children brainer

Express (UK), 7 Sept 2012

Omega-3s as Study Aid? DHA May Help Lowest-Scoring Readers Improve

Time magazine (USA), 7 Sept 2012

Fish oil can make your kids brainier: study

Business Standard (India), 8 Sept 2012

Food a recipe for school success and The Omega Wave

BBC News (UK), 14 Oct 2005

Nutrition and homeless people

One Third of US Homeless Population is Obese, According to New Study

The Take Away (USA), 23 May 2012  

One-Third of US Homeless Are Obese

Harvard University (USA), 16 May 2012  

A third of US homeless people are obese

Health 24 (USA), 21 May 2012

Research with orphans and AIDS carers

South Africa child support grants 'protect from HIV'

BBC News Online, 26 Nov 2013

Aids deaths soar among young due to inadequate health services

The Guardian (UK), 26 Nov 2013

Tung bør på barn av aidssyke (The hidden impact of AIDS on South African children)

Forskning (Norway), 1 Dec 2012

SIDA: le front recule, la guerre continue (AIDS: the front retreats; the war continues

Destination Santé: SIDA (France), 1 Dec 2010

South African Children Suffer from Hidden Impact of AIDS

MedIndia (India),  1 Dec 2010

Children who care for parents with AIDS have higher level of mental illness

The Medical News (Australia), 1 Dec 2010

The Hidden Impact of AIDS on South African Children

eScience News, 1 Dec 2010

South Africa’s children caring for parents with AIDS

The Guardian (UK), 22 May 2010

Impact of abstinence-only prevention programmes on HIV

Abstinence programmes don’t stop HIV

New Scientist (UK), 13 Aug 2007

Bakalar N. Adolescence: Abstinence-only programs not found to prevent HIV

New York Times (USA), 12 Aug 2007

Is there a role for abstinence-only programmes for HIV prevention in high-income countries?

British Medical Journal (BMJ), 2 Aug 2007  

No-sex programmes "not working"

BBC News (UK), 2 Aug 2007

Abstinence-only programs do not reduce HIV risk

Reuters, 3 Aug 2007

Questioning fondly held assumptions

BMJ, 4 Aug 2007